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 Ad Click Express is going down hill it seems.

Profit Clicking NewsWell not much has changed with Ad click xpress. They are still wanting funding after they hit us with 4 XS in the last 2 months. It seems they are just doing what ever to get a buck without letting a buck go. I have 100% repurchased since we were made to migrate to ACX and have gotten nowhere. they have blocked the used of or balances unless we fund and they are tring to say that it is a sustainable system, well everything is sustainable if you never pay the folks you  owe money to.

Seems that it has turned into a bigger joke if that was possible? If you ask anyone who works for ACX they will tell you that it is great and they are making all kinds of money but IU think that is a line of crap or just the folks who work for acx are acttualy making money?

Anyhow I will ride it till the wheels come off it and just do what I can do with what they have left me. I will not fund anymore if I can not get to the money that is been in there!

Take care,

Posted by Thunder on Monday, December 16 @ 07:36:10 MST (126977 reads)
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 Ad click xpress lowers withdraw limita. New programs to launch Monday

Profit Clicking NewsTodays up dates are showing that profit clicking/ad click xpress lowered the withdraw limit from 20.00$ to 10.00$ for the time being. I am not able to try yet because I am still building back with what they left me from  when all the smoke cleared and ad click xpress was there. I will keep building until I can try a withdraw also one of these days :)

clickpaid is still working, have to  fight to get a withdraw but it can be done.

Adzibiz is slowed way down and it seems all the  rev/share programs are starting to show a trend with them and the longevity.  We will know more as time goes on.

Ad Space Pro is still set to launch on Aug. 1st. I am not sure if it will follow the same course. it has some things that make it more sustainable to it I think. Check it out for your self and see what you think.

Juby Ad share launches on July 22nd and I am giving it a try to see if it follows the trend I have been seeing.

Will let you know what is going on with them as they move forward.

Anyway we will see what this next week brings us.
Have a great day :)

Posted by Thunder on Sunday, July 21 @ 10:09:18 MST (13884 reads)
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 Here is the latest up date from Ad click xpress.

Profit Clicking News
July 11th, 2013
 Here is the latest update from profit clicking/ad click xpress,

Instead of providing you with Panels from the PC Premium ProfitShift, your Premium Account Balance will be increased to the equivalent of the total Rebates of your Panels that you were to receive from the last Premium Profitshift - some of this has already been completed.

To review compare the values you see in ACX with those in PC, do the following: 1) Click on the Premium ProfitShift Center in your PC account and examine the “POTENTIAL EARNINGS AFTER Premium PROFITSHIFT” table at the bottom. 2) Review the Basic and Premium Migration Pages and multiply the number in the “Premium Panels (Qty)” column X $60 to calculate the conversion of your Panels, which will be transferred into your Premium Wallet balance.

 For example, if the Premium ProfitShift had given you potentially 100 Panels, this conversion would give you: 100 Panels X $60 = $6,000

Remember, you can use the Premium Wallet to contribute to your purchases of ACX Ad Packages. All Basic and Premium Balances will be updated similarly as soon as possible, with the expected earnings of panels from all past PC ProfitShifts, so get ready!

Posted by Thunder on Thursday, July 11 @ 06:50:01 MST (3089 reads)
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 Ad click express takes a little more?

Profit Clicking NewsMost folks woke to about 50% of their basic wallet missing. From Ad click express support they said they are working to fix it. doesn't seem to matter if your not going to fund anymore. We will see what they have in store for us next.

Posted by Thunder on Wednesday, July 10 @ 06:27:21 MST (4293 reads)
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 Profit CLicking/Ad Click Xpress is putting out the updates for new funds.

Profit Clicking NewsI woke to 2 new updates, but I don't check for them like I used to. Ad click xpress/profit clicking is really putting out the updates and pushing for that new funding. I think it is going to really hard for them to get new funding from any where after the program not only screwed a lot of people but they took along time doing it making it more like torture. I will watch it and see what happens.
you never know in the business we are in.

Have a great day :)

Posted by Thunder on Tuesday, July 09 @ 01:58:08 MST (3694 reads)
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