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Re: Friday and an update on the programs.
by Anonymous on Thursday, June 11 @ 02:26:41 MST

A http://colmillosygarras.com/?p=942 [colmillosygarras.com] new garment rule Remember, lots of nonmembers are reading this http://suanhapro.com/ralph-lauren-donna-abiti-would-irish [suanhapro.com] forum, some of whom hate the church and will look for any reason to mock us.I'd rather not open up this subject for their mockery by this kind of topic. I personally was very careful before entering into the covenants i made in the temple.I am grateful that i was given the choice to accept the covenants, or remove myself from the room so as to not make the covenants.I am glad the lord has offered us greater spiritual and possibly physical blessings and protection by giving us garments to wear.They http://neflexis.org/ralph-lauren-outlet-online-compensation/ [neflexis.org] are great reminders of the promises i made to the lord, in the temple.I am blessed to have been able to be endowed in the temple, and to have been sealed to my husband.Cir*****stances may change in life, but principles and promises don't change. I had my second child in the summer, one of the worst summers in utah's history, which is where we lived at that time.I never once thought of removing my garments.Instead, i didn't go outside very much, and drank a lot of slushy drinks to cool me off. I did briefly tell you about them.I thought if you wanted more information you could scroll down to the section that is titled"Dressed in white" But here is the section on garments for you anyway: Members who have received their temple ordinances thereafter wear the special garment or underclothing.Garments are provided by an agency of the church are generally available to members throughout the world through a distribution program operated by the church. The garment represents sacred covenants.It fosters modesty and becomes a shield and protection to the wearer. The wearing of such a garment does not prevent members from dressing in the fashionable clothing generally worn in the nations of the world.Only clothing that is immodest or extreme in style would be incompatible with wearing the garment.Any member of the church, whether he or she has been to the temple or not, would in proper spirit want to avoid extreme or revealing fashions. There may be occasions when endowed members of the church face questions on the garment. On one occasion one of the brethren was invited to speak to the faculty and staff of the navy chaplains training school in newport, rhode island.The audience included a number of high ranking naval chaplains from the catholic, protestant, and jewish faiths. In the question and answer period one of the chaplains asked, you tell us something about the special underwear that some mormon servicemen wear?The implication was, do you do that?Isn it strange?Doesn that present a problem? To the chaplain who made http://vinhthaihung.com/auralph-lauren-outlet-uk-g-27/ [vinhthaihung.com] the inquiry he responded with a question:Church do you represent?In response he named one of the protestant churches. He said, civilian life and also when conducting the meetings in the military service you wear clerical clothing, do you not?The chaplain said that he did. He continued:Would suppose that that has some importance to you, that in a sense it sets you apart from the rest of your congregation.It is your uniform, as it were, of the ministry.Also, i suppose it may have a much more important place.It reminds you of who you are and what your obligations and covenants are.It is a continual reminder that you are a member of the clergy, that you regard yourself as a servant of the lord, and that you are responsible to live in such a way as to be worthy of your ordination. He then told them:Should be able to understand at least one of our reasons why latter day saints have a deep spiritual commitment concerning the garment.A major difference between your churches and ours is that we do not have a professional clergy, as you do.The congregations are all presided over by local leaders.They are men called from all walks of life.Yet they are ordained to the priesthood.They hold offices in the priesthood.They are set apart to presiding positions http://schmiedlechner.at/?p=7334 [schmiedlechner.at] as presidents, counselors, and leaders in various categories.The women, too, share in that responsibility and in those obligations.The man who heads our congregation on sunday as the bishop may go to work on monday as a postal clerk, as an office worker, a farmer, a doctor;Or he may be an air force pilot or a naval officer.By our standard he is as much an ordained minister as you are by your standard.He is recognized as such by most governments.We draw something of the same benefits from this special clothing as you would draw from your clerical vestments.The difference is that we wear ours under our clothing instead of outside, for we are employed in various occupations in addition to our service in the church.These sacred things we do not wish to parade before the world. He then explained that there are some deeper spiritual meanings as well, connecting the practice of wearing this garment with covenants that are made in the temple.We wouldn find it necessary to discuss these that they are secret, he repeated, but because they are sacred. The garment, covering the body, is a visual and tactile reminder of these covenants.For many church members the garment has formed a barrier of protection when the wearer has been faced with temptation.Then as society and clothing styles changed the first presidency under heber j.Grant allowed the members to make modifications to their garments(Back then members had to make their own garments using a specific pattern)Then went just past the knees and to the elbows. Now they come in two pieces for men and women.For women they come in a cap sleeve camisole and the best worldly clothing item i can compare the bottoms to are lycra biker shorts only closer to the knee and not stopping mid thigh like biker shorts do(Although they tend to shrink to mid thigh)And they are made of fabrics like cotton/poly knit and mesh and a light weight lycra(Carinessa)But the lycra material is only available for the bottoms. And most endowed men in the church wear the garment top that really does look like a regular men's undershirt when they wear it with a polo shirt or through their white dress shirts.So you've probably seen garments(At least on men)And just didn't realize that you had. Vonngirl, have you ever complained about anything in your life ever?Because i can guarantee you that somewhere someone has had worse than you.Telling people that they have no right to complain about something because a hundred years ago someone had it worse is ridiculous. The complaining that is going on here is lighthearted and silly.Garments are hot in the summer when you're pregnant.They just are.Of course there are people who have it worse.The ladies on this thread are just venting and being silly.Chill out. I truly do not believe that anyone on here truly feels as angrily about their garments as some people have thought they are.I also have to believe that they are not wearing them improporly or anything else like that.It's silly and venting and all those things, but statements that start with"I wish the prophet would change ____"Don't sound lighthearted, even if they're meant to.Am not offended, but i can see how someone else might be, if they didn't read between the lines.On, and don't melt to death over the next couple of months!You'll make it: )

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