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 Sunday and the week ends with Adzibiz up and Ad click xpress down.

Adzibiz News
AdZiBiz Is doing good still, the latest news is that they are adding to the site to draw in for earnings for everyone. Be careful when confirming your PP on the AdziBiz site there are new laws that make it hard to switch once setup.

 It seems profit clicking/ad click xpress gave us the left over ad packs from the premium profit shift. So now I have 3 to jump and down about. I think I will hold off on funding ad click xpress for now.

Click paid is still doing ok, it is getting harder to get a withdraw lately it seems but there are reports of them going through. I that STP is over whelmed was the last report that I heard on that.

This week should will be a good one,
have a great day :)

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Re: Sunday and the week ends with Adzibiz up and Ad click xpress down. (Score: 0)
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Re: Sunday and the week ends with Adzibiz up and Ad click xpress down. (Score: 0)
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UGG Boots (Score: 0)
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