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 Ad Click Express is going down hill it seems.

Profit Clicking NewsWell not much has changed with Ad click xpress. They are still wanting funding after they hit us with 4 XS in the last 2 months. It seems they are just doing what ever to get a buck without letting a buck go. I have 100% repurchased since we were made to migrate to ACX and have gotten nowhere. they have blocked the used of or balances unless we fund and they are tring to say that it is a sustainable system, well everything is sustainable if you never pay the folks you  owe money to.

Seems that it has turned into a bigger joke if that was possible? If you ask anyone who works for ACX they will tell you that it is great and they are making all kinds of money but IU think that is a line of crap or just the folks who work for acx are acttualy making money?

Anyhow I will ride it till the wheels come off it and just do what I can do with what they have left me. I will not fund anymore if I can not get to the money that is been in there!

Take care,

Posted by Thunder on Monday, December 16 @ 07:36:10 MST (126808 reads)
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 Ad Click Xpress, same scam different day.

Seems that ad click xpress has shown its real colors this week. the back to back xpress shifts should be enough to show the folks that the name is the only thing that has changed since JBP started screwing folks. The admin is talking of how its not there fault, its payzas fault. Ya, every rev share this summer used that excuse to scam. Why would payza freeze the account of a "good" business like ACX claims to be. I did not join ACX, I was foeced to join to follow the money I was owed by the other scams and so were most of the members, don't let ACX tell you that folks joined because they wanted to. Do what you want with ACX, visit our chat room and let us know what you think.

good luck with ACX and have a great day :)

Posted by Thunder on Friday, November 01 @ 06:23:35 MST (119267 reads)
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 Friday and AdSpacePro launch is taking 4 days it seems.

The launch of adspacepro is taking 4 days now and no one has seen the site yet. It is hard to say how this one is going to pan out. They have been having infighting between the admins and not been able to get it launch. Most of us are already in it so there is nothing to do but wauit and see how it is going to go. It still might pull it out and makes everyone some money. Will let you know when I know more.

Have a great weekend,
Have a great Day :)

Posted by Thunder on Friday, September 27 @ 05:33:20 MST (113371 reads)
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Anonymous writes "Thanks for putting CaribooRadio.com on the front page.  That's neat!"

Posted by Thunder on Friday, September 27 @ 05:32:47 MST (6000 reads)
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 Saturday and the AdSpacePro webinar was a no show.

Last nights AdSpacePro webinar turned out to be a no show. The facebook page has a post that the owner was sick. I can understand being sick but with all that's happened or not happened with AdSpacePro I think I would have made a go of it so folks would not get the idea that the stories of it being a scam are true. Next will be the launch, we will have to wait and see if that makes it on time also. I was told by the owner that it would launch on time so lets wait and see.

Seems that Juby ad Bank is not doing well at the moment. The word on the web is that it has followed the way of the rest of the rev shares lately.

Ad Click Xpress is still doing good after the first xpress Shift. All reports say that withdraws are working and that they are getting paid daily.

That's it for now have a great weekend,
Have a great day :)

Posted by Thunder on Saturday, September 21 @ 07:51:35 MST (5203 reads)
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